What is Arrowhead Family Chiropractic?

We are a multi-disciplinary clinic providing bilingual healthcare to Dodge City and the surrounding towns. We have two bilingual Doctors of Chiropractic who focus on decreasing pain, improving health and getting our patients back to an active lifestyle.

Having a Doctor who spends the time to find the cause of your pain is something we pride ourselves on. Both Doctors have their own style of adjusting but were both trained in diversified adjusting techniques as well as Motion Palpation and Neurodynamics. This means they use movement as a guage to how well your joints and muscles are functioning instead of the old idea of x-rays. Another big difference here at AFC is that we know there is more to recovery than just the adjustment. We offer muscle work, acupuncture, vitamin supplimentation advice and exercise classes.

At Arrowhead Family Chiropractic you can expect to:

  • Be scheduled as soon as possible! You can give us a call or schedule online for an initial exam. 
  • Next you will be given a thorough exam and a well explained report of findings. This is up to a full hour with one of our Doctors.
  • Leave with more information about your case, giving you more control over your health. 
  • Be treated as a whole person,not just a condition. We will help get you feeling as healthy and happy as possible!
Our Mission Statement at AFC
This is our 2 part guarantee to our patients.


1- If we can help you, we will tell you. If we can't help you, we will tell you that as well and make the proper referral.

2- We always give the patient what they need & only what they need! Nothing more and nothing less. Always.

How we can help!
(What to expect from care)

Our doctors have trained for years to be able to listen to your history, see you move, feel how your spine and muscles are moving and diagnose your complaint. They then use a wide array of skills to help correct your problem, provide you the information to help yourself outside of the office and start you on a path to wellness.

At Arrowhead Family Chiropractic you will have access to:

  • Chiropractic Adjustments- These are done by hand, or with an activator and use a fast but gentle force to restore movement into your joints. Restoring range of motion to a joint decreases pain and helps us get you back to moving effeciently. 
  • Home Exercises- Having 2-3 specific stretches for your issue can decrease the daily muscle tension from your routine and give you longer relief from your pain. Every patient is given a personalized stretching routine.
  • Cupping- We have traditional glass cupping as well as silicone that includes movement during the therapy. Cupping helps restore blood flow and break up fascial adhesions meaning you heal faster and feel better quicker.
  • IASTM- This technique uses a "scraping" tool to provide a mobilizing effect to muscle adhesions. By restoring blood flow and giving the muscle back the stretch it had lost, this is great for athletes or people who do repetitive movements for work. 
  • Rocktape- This "muscle band-aid" is a stretchy tape that is used to provide support, lessen pain, reduce swelling and improve performance.
  • Acupuncture- Using this technique can help balance the energy and restore communication to an area. We see great results using this for anxiety, stress, Headaches and pain.
  • Dry Needling- Using the same needles as acupuncture we can go deeper into the tissue and release trigger points or aid blood flow to an area to promote healing and decrease pain and tension.
  • Vitamin Supplimentation Advice- When a patient comes to our office and is stresses, not sleeping and in pain, we need to look at the nutrition. We carry Nutridyn vitamins that have been through clinical trials to help our Doctors have evidence based options to change the overall health of your body. With 1-2 suppliments we can help change the way you feel and get you back to having energy and handling everyday life without the aches and pains.  

Still on the fence?

Take a look below to see why we are the best rated Chiropractic office in Dodge City!

During the first two years that AFC has been serving the people of SouthWest Kansas, we have gotten a good idea of what the area needs.

Our office has grown and now offers Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Vitamin supplimentation advice, Personal training and Small group exercise classes. We know that treating pain isn't just looking at the problem locally, our bodies are complex and intelligent.

Your Doctor needs to be trained in all aspects of natural health to give you the treatment options that best suit you. We have that here at Arrowhead Family Chiropractic and our Doctors continue to learn the latest research to keep our treatments up to date and as effective as possible. 

Drs. Zach and Serina are very excited to use their experiences and expertise to help the people of Dodge City and the surrounding cities. We hope that you will trust us with your care as well. 


What can you expect from your Chiropractic Care?
Get straightforward and honest communication with ours Doctors
We will provide a care plan that you can afford
You will leave with the knowledge of what is causing your problem and what you can do about it