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Drs. Zach & Serina Harvey

Dr. Zach Harvey attended Dodge City Community College and Dr. Serina Harvey attended UMKC for their undergrad learning. Next they both attended graduate school at Cleveland Chiropractic College in Overland Park Kansas where they met and got married during school.

After graduating in 2016 they made an adventerous decision and accepted a position as Chiropractors in a small clinic in Arequipa, Peru. Neither Doctor knew Spanish before moving, but they are both fluent after their 3 years living in Peru. Both Doctors consider this experienc to be the reason why they love hispanic culture and why they returned to create a bilingual chiropractic office here in Dodge City, KS.

In 2019 both Doctors moved back to the United States with their 6mo son and were able to work as substitute teachers in the USD443 school district while planning the opening of Arrowhead Family Chiropractic. Unfortunately they shutdown the schools during the Covid lockdown, but that is when the Doctors welcomed the arrival of twin boys to their family! 

Doctors Serina & Zach managed to make it through all of these big changes and open this office in October of 2020! Now 3 years later we are offering more services and have more options for this town to find their path to healing!

What is Arrowhead Family Chiropractic? (AFC)

We are a multi-disciplinary clinic providing bilingual healthcare to Dodge City and the surrounding towns. We have two bilingual Doctors of Chiropractic who focus on decreasing pain, improving health and getting our patients back to an active lifestyle.

We pride ourselves on being a clinic where the Doctor is involved in every step of your care. Both Doctors have their own style of adjusting, but our assesment and treatment is based of Motion Palpation. Using movement as a guage of how well your joints and muscles are functioning instead of the old idea of stationary x-rays. 

At Arrowhead Family Chiropractic you can expect to:

  • Be scheduled as soon as possible! You can give us a call or schedule online for an initial exam. 
  • Next, one of the Doctors will perform an exam and a talk with you about the findings. You'll get a whole hour with your Doctor!
  • Leave with more information about your case, knowledge is power. We want to give you more control over your health. 
  • Be treated as a whole person,not just a condition. We know everyone is different!! No one size fits all treatments here. We look forward to finding the root cause of your issue and helping you feel like yourself again.

Arrowhead Family Chiropractic is a Family Practice

Dr. Zach and Serina have a 4 year old son and 3 year old twin boys! Both doctors balance work life with family life daily, they know the stress of raising children and also the joy you receive from seeing your children grow and prosper. 

All three of the Harvey boys have been adjusted since birth, keeping them growing and developing without any interference. Dr. Serina also received chiropractic care during the extent of both pregnancies, giving her pain and tension relief as her body was changing to grow her little boys. 

By having your whole family under Chiropractic care, you are removing unnecessary stress to your lives and creating healthier futures. 

The first years of a child's life is when their joints are develpoing. This stage is crucial to set our children up for success! We adjust newborns, monitor their milestones as they start to sit and crawl and correct any imbalances or movement assymetry from side to side. We can even go further into the issue if they are delayed for their age. 

Once they are in school, we monitor posture, sports injury treatment/ prevention and their ability to focus during and after school. 

We hope you come in and find out how good a relaxed and healthy family can feel!

(We offer a 15% discount of family visits when they are scheduled together.)



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