Dr. Serina completed her 100 hour certification for acupuncture in addition to her time in graduate school. She has been practicing for 7 years and has been amazed by the changes that acupuncture can provide. 

Acupuncture is over 3,000 years old and treats the body as a whole.

It works by balancing the body's communication. We treat what is called a "meridian" or pathway with the needle and this helps to balance it's energy. Once restored to equilibrium, it can return to communicating with the rest of the body and that can decrease your symotoms. 

Give it a try!

We know the fear our patients can have with needles but we assure you that acupuncture feels comoletely diferent.

Dr. Serina will use very delicate, thin needles that are put into the surface layer of the skin. These will remain in the skin for 15 minutes and should not cause pain.


Here are some common reasons for treatment:


Stress & Anxiety

When you feel overwhelmed, a bit chaotic or like you can't manage your stress levels anymore we can help! Stress and anxiety are an issue that comes form the communication in your brain breaking down and causing you to go into a fight or fligh response. If you stay in this mode for long peroods, it starts to cause serious harm to your body. Some of the leading causes of death are linked to high stress levels! We are here to help prevent that outcome.

We treat this on a daily basis! Yes, even if you are having panic attacks, are on medication, can't sleep etc. This is a natural way to reset your system and allow your body to heal from the inside. 

Sinus Issues

This treatment helps if you're suffering from sinus pressure, drainage, stuffy nose or ear infections. Patients say they feel like someone hit the pressure release valve during the treatment and they feel much less pressure afterwards. 


Tension creeps in and can cause daily pain if it's not treated. Using acupuncture offers a different approach than the adjustments, when a patient isn't improving with adjustments, they almost always get results from acupuncture. We use the needles to decrease tension in the upper neck, relieve pressure or tension in the scalp and reset the communicatioin in the area to help you feel that pain get less intense and less frequent. 

Muscluar Pain

When you're having pain and you need a quick decrease in your symptoms, acupuncture can be that stepping stone in recovery. This isn't a cure but it can decrease your symptoms while our Doctors are making changes in the cause of your pain. Decreasing pain and tension help the area restore blood flow and bring a sense of pain relief after your session. 

Sleep Issues

There are many parts of your routine that contribute to insomnia but using acupuncture can help you fall asleep quicker and stay asleep easier. It all comes down to being able to switch form the alert and focused brain to the restful and restorative functions. Acupuncture makes this change easier and can be a great medication free option. 


Too much time has already passed with that nagging problem. Even if you've tried everything else, come into our office and see what results are possible, it may surprise you!

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