What types of pain can an adjustment help?


Stiffness when getting out of bed in the morning

A burning pain going down the back of your leg after bending down to pick up your kids.

Constant nagging tension and pain while sitting at a desk.

Sharp pain when rotating.

Headaches and neck pain. These can be pain in many areas of the upper neck and head, from squeezing pain to pressure imn the face and head.

Pain in the wrists, hands or elbows that feels tight, numb or painful.

Pain in between your shouders and in the lower neck. This usually has some hand numbness as well becasue of the tension in the lower neck. 

Low back pain, wether seated, standing or when bending. These are seperate types, but are all problems we can help with. 

Knee pain. Ankle or foot pain.


Chiropractic adjustments help decrease pain and restore range of motion. A joint loses motion slowly, which puts more strain on your muscles and overtime this causes tension and inflammation. This is what you usually feel as musculo-skeletal pain. To get rid of your pain, your Doctor will add movement to your joint with an adjustment. This will reset the muscle and decrease strain, help decrease inflammation and restore normal joint movement. Over the course of 2-3 weeks this should decrease your pain by about 50-100%. 

What if I have a Disc Bulge/Hernia? Or Sciatica?

We want you to have the peace of mind of knowing that our Doctors have specific orthopedic exams that will tell them where your pain is originating. 

We have a table made to decrease pressure in the low back and help reverse a disc bulge or hernia! This makes a huge difference in how fast you get out of pain. 

If you have radiating pain down into the butt, leg or all the way into the heel and foot. Don't worry, we fix this daily! Follow the treatment plan and we can get you back to your routine in just a few weeks. 

Most common causes of pain


Loss of Range of Motion


Repetitive Movements


Bad Form

All of us have felt the frustration of seeking treatment but not getting the results we desired.

We don't chase symptoms! We avoid that frustration by performing orthopedic and functional exams during your initial exam, showing us the true cause of our pain. We then adjust the joint and work on the muscles to provide pain relief. Our care ends by transitioning into Rehab to retrain the muscles of the area and help keep you out of pain.

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