Dry needling uses the same delicate needles as acupuncture but in a different way. With this technique the needle is inserted into the muscle to hit the trigger point and release the tension and pain in that specific area. 

When would I need Dry Needling?


Dry Needling is a newer approach to treating muscular pain and tension. In our office we have used it in quite a few different ways.

We have treated an blunt force injury that happened years ago in the plant and was still causing pain with no more routes of pain relief from medical doctors. 

We have excellent results when applying this treatment to TMJ (jaw) dysfunction. It is less painful and seems to work quickly for patients who suffer from jaw and face pain. 

We have even treated ligament injury by allowing better blood flow to the area to help speed the healing time. 

And then the most common is using this to stop a muscle spasm, decrease pain and promote healing in that muscle. 

This treatment is not usually stand alone for curing someone's pain or injury but it is a great tool for those tricky cases and something we take pride in offering to the area.

Come in and let our Doctors diagnose your problem, choose from their many treatment options and find the best way to get you out of pain and feeling your best!

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