In our office, we bleieve muscles are an important part in the cause of your pain


What the others are missing:

At AFC you will be treated by the Doctors, recieving:

Graston and FAKTR- these certifications offer two different approaches to IASTM. This means instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization. Using a smooth metal tool to add stretch, break up adhesions, improve blood flow and decrease pain in muscles and fascia.

Cupping- our Doctors have been through training in two types of cupping. The traditional glass cupping is performed while you are laying still using up to 15 cups. Another form of cupping is done with silicone cups placed over areas with limited glide and then you are put through a stretching movement. Both os these techniques improve healing time, decrease swelling and decrease pain.

Rocktape- Both Doctors use Rocktape to offer a change in a movement pattern, to take tension off a strained muscle, move inflammation away from an injury, change posture or decrease intense pain. This is a great final tool to get you results while outside the office. You don't have to be an athlete to be taped, but we tape a lot of athletes as well!

Manual Muscle Work- this includes any of the pin and stretch hands on work that you recieve from the Doctors. Yes, thats right, you recieve all of this treatment form the DOCTORS. Massage gun treatment during a stretch, trigger point release, massage, everything you need to get those muscle spasms to stop and let you return to normal range of motion.

All of these techniques lead to you feeling better in as few visits as possible. 

When you change how your muscles function, you can change your pain.

Kelly Starrett once told us "Muscles are like obedient dogs, they do as they are told." In today's world, our muscles are told to repeat postures and movements we need to get our jobs done and then to rest on the couch. This routine doesn't lead to feeling good. 

Come in and find out how your muscles are suppose to behave. Learn how to relax a muscle, how to activate a muscle and teach your muscles how to perform with the least amount of stress.

How does posture come into play?

The goal is to take as much extra stress of your muscles as possible.

By looking at the posture of your head, shoulders and hips, we can tell the load your muscles are carrying. 
Ideal posture is when your ears, shoulders, hips and ankles are all in line. 
This lets the force of gravity pass through your skeleton, letting your muscles stay relaxed and loose.

If you're working in a factory, sitting at a desk or teaching a classroom, those all require different postures and stability. Let's teach your muscles how to properly suppport you and get rid of that daily tension you suffer from.


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