The final step in recovering from pain is Rehab.

This means re-training the movement that was causing your pain, so in the future you do not suffer form the same pain/ injury again. 


When people complain about having to go back to their chiropractor forever, they are usually missing one of two things.

A thorough understanding of their problem, or lack of rehab at the end of care.

We offer both! You have to understand what caused your pain to truly be rid of it and you need to retrain your daily movements and postures to prevent that pain form coming back.


Rehab is a part of every stage of care with us

  1. After your pain is tollerable, we will start with stretching to improve your flexibility. You will be taught 2-3 specific stretches for your problem to practice at home and speed up your recovery time.
  2. When that pain is down to a minimal level we will start with strength training. This starts by using bands to help you activate the correct muscle to stabilize your joints and keep you safe. Once we have you moving well,  you will move onto more weighted exercises to strengthen your instabilities and provide strength for oyur most common movements. 
  3. Last but not least is exercise. We offer gym memberships to help move patients into exercise with guidance and safety at the forefront. Our gym classes offer functional training workouts focusing on cardio health, balance, strength and flexibility. 

Our bodies are highly intelligent!

Pain changes the way we move, it's an alert signal going off in the body.

If we get injured, that is our body telling us to look at that area and see what is malfunctioning.

If it's ignored, our body finds a new way to move that may lead to worse injuries down the road. 

After we have decreased your pain, we re-train the muscles to return to the least stressful movement pattern. This is what prevents you from coming in with the same issue over and over. 

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